Used in multi-storied residential or commercial complexes, our low voltage metering cubicles are known for their compact design and ease of control to monitor each load sections. Along with meters panels are equipped with primary change over switches, MCCBs, Earth Fault relays and Fuses to provide multiple fault protection.

Additional autochange ACCL switches can be installed to ensure smooth transition to Diesel Generators during power failure.

Inductive loads, tend to absorb heavy inrush currents and reduce power factor, adding large penalty factors. Automatic power factor correction (APFC) monitors load to automatically initiate suitable capacitance, providing clean ideal power with unity power factor.

Harmonic loads, inherent for non-linear loads, affects the overall system degrading life of equipments. APFC panels with harmonic mitigation filters and advanced switching logics can reduce up to 7th level harmonics, providing ideal filtered power to safeguard sensitive loads.

Features and Specifications

  • Complete selectivity for system with time based discrimination
  • ACBs, MCCBs with optimal, rigid, elegant and compact design
  • Widest choice of current and voltage protection releases
  • Wide range to meet customer needs from 10KA to 100KA breaking capacity
  • Conformance to CE, IS/IEC 60947, IEC 60695-2-1, BS EN 60947-2, etc