Vacuum Circuit breakers or VCB are generally used for loads above 500KVA. VCBs operate at 11KV, 630A to 1250A, with 26.3KA Short circuit withstand capacities. VCBs are widely used in large industries that provide protection for lines, transformers and loads. Equipped with alarm, trip mechanism, master trip relays, annunciators and power pack supply for secondary backup. Metal clad VCB panels are generally considered highly durable, reliable with minimal maintenance requirements.

Our VCB panels are equipped with built-in transformer protection with alarm & trip mechanism for transformer winding temperature, oil temperature, Bucholz, Surge and MOG protection.

Features and Specifications

  • VCB current rating upto 3150A
  • Provision of manual and electrical spring charging in VCB
  • VCB comes with inbuilt anti-pumping feature
  • Inaccessible live parts & rack in/out with door closed condition ensures operator safety
  • Compartmentalized Panel with built in base frame & ramp.
  • Draw-out type PT, Powerpack, Integral earth switch, series trip arrangement for unmanned substation can be provided