LT Panels

Wired to precision performance

Control schemes, wiring details and precision performance with fire resistant wires. Safeguards your loads with the bells and whistles at all times.
LT Panels

Quickest deliverance

With our infrastructure, team and self transport capabilities, our panels are packed, insured and delivered safe at your doorstep in the shortest time frame.
LT Panels

Certified panels

Panels undergo power & quality checks before dispatch to withstand the harshest loads. Certifications provided for every single component in panels.
LT Panels

Panel structure

7 layer pretreatment with powder coated paints, fabricated with CRCA steel sheets, imported directly from manufacturers. They look just as new... always.


Low Voltage or Low tension control panels, operating voltage 415V are placed
to control power at the delivering end of the system.
Typically tuned per applications, controlled by end users.