Ring main units or RMUs are used to provide uninterruped power tap from an existing power line. With 2 Nos. incoming source also referred to as loop-in and loop-out, equipped with Load break isolator switches and 1 No. or more outgoing breakers suitable for load tap requirements. With recent developments RMUs are equipped with DAS Distributed Automation system features allowing utilities to remote monitor and oeprate to better allocate load in the grid, thereby mitigating load reductions. Three unit RMUS commonly referred to as 2OD 1VL panels (having 2 LBS isolators as incoming with 1 VCB breakers as outgoing). They are made robust to handle outdoor weather conditions and provide the flexibility to isolate remote fault locations. Incoming switches are equipped with earth switches to enable safe maintenance operations at distant plant locations.

Features and Specifications

  • Choice of Air insulated Load break switch or Vacuum circuit breaker ring main units
  • On site extensibility for network enhancement
  • Connection, supply and protection of transformers on an open ring or radial network
  • Approved by CPRI for reliable, safe and long lasting operations