Net Metering panel generally referred to as Solar Metering panels that assess power consumed with power generated through solar installations. Net metering panels are housed with dual Trivector meters, Current and Voltage transformers, for monitoring import/export energy. Widely used with solar installations help accurately monitor solar generation at the consumer end. Net metering panels are also used for applications where load consumed is higher than 1000KVA, enabling the end user to wheel power through the grid and avail credits by sourcing power from renewable sources, otherwise called as wheeling power or power purchase agreements.

With recent initiatives by local governing bodies to promote renewable energy generations, such meters are widely becoming popular to meet renewable energy targets.

Features and Specifications

  • Compact & rigid design for outdoor air insulated type operations
  • Class 0.2s accuracy, Conforms to IEC and IS standards
  • Optical port/RS 485 communication (optional)
  • Door structure for meter enclosure for ease of wiring behind meters
  • Approved by CPRI for reliable, safe and long lasting operations